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Who Is ConCare?

ConCare is a professional concrete cleaning and sealing service covering Greater Geelong and the Surf Coast. 


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and genuine care for our work and clients. The combination of our work ethic and skills, supported by the use of high quality products, is what allows us to consistently deliver a service of the highest standard.

Why should I clean my concrete?


Just like any other surface, concrete also needs to be cleaned. People mow the lawns, vacuum the carpet and mop the floors, but when it comes to concrete it often gets neglected! 


We don’t just clean concrete but also brick pavers, natural stone, marble, granite and many other hard outdoor surfaces.


If you’re the kind of person which prides themselves on keeping their property well managed and clean, but you have dirty concrete, no matter how beautiful your house is or clean cut your lawn, dirty concrete will ruin it all. 

What Is The Benefit? 

  1. Visual appeal and increased brightness of property.

  2. Removal of slippery and unsightly material like moss and algae.

  3. Makes your property stand out.


If you want the best and longest lasting solution to dirty concrete, look no further than getting your concrete sealed.

  1. Sealing concrete forms a protective barrier for the concrete.

  2. Makes the concrete easier to clean.

  3. Coloured coatings offer a unique visual appeal.

  4. Reduces growth of organics like mould, mildew and algae.

Why choose ConCare?


If you want a business that prioritises quality of work over quantity of jobs done in a day - choose ConCare.


If you want a business that understands what their client wants and can deliver above and beyond - choose ConCare.


If you want a business that:


  • Turns up on time

  • Doesn’t settle for second best

  • Is environmentally friendly

  • Is fully insured

  • Cuts no corners

  • Communicates well


Choose ConCare!

Choose Your Surface

Thanks for your enquiry!

What Does It Cost?


Our pricing is based on the difficulty of the surface to be cleaned and the square meters of the area. Every surface is unique and needs a specific method of cleaning.


With this in mind, we like to keep things simple and give our clients a guaranteed set price for the job. When we quote a job, the price doesn’t change no matter how long it takes to complete. This gives our clients the security of knowing the job will be done for the price agreed on.


If you would like your concrete cleaned or sealed, the process is simple; either call us or send through a request via the contact form and we will arrange a time and date to arrive at the job site and meet with you personally to discuss your concrete and what it will cost to have the work done. 



We offer free non-obligation quotes to the Greater Geelong region. 

Once the quote has been accepted, we will arrange a date and time to complete the work and have your concrete cleaned and sealed by our professional team.

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