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Thanks for choosing ConCare to bring your surface back to life. I'm Michael, the Director of ConCare and Tailored Tree Care.

The ConCare Story

For a number of years now, I have been the director of a greatly successful, local tree pruning and removal company called Tailored Tree Care. 


I have built Tailored Tree Care from the ground up, which has now become one of Geelong’s highest respected tree felling and maintenance companies. With the best and most popular ratings on google reviews, Tailored Tree Care has a proven record of excellence.


The same skill set and business knowledge which has allowed me to build Tailored Tree Care is what underpins the workmanship at ConCare. 


My business philosophy has a keen focus on client satisfaction. Consistent top quality work combined with customer trust and relationship are key areas I am passionate about.

Seeing the need in the market for such a service as this, combined with the level of customer satisfaction I strive for is what lead to the launch of ConCare. 

Contact ConCare today for your FREE quote or to book an appointment.

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